My IBS symptoms have been radically reduced. I can highly recommend Stone Lantern Shiatsu!

Louise, London

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I came to shiatsu by way of tai chi, and a desire to understand more about my body. Shiatsu is usally practised on a futon on the floor: learning to work gracefully at ground level was challenging, and certainly made me more supple. The training also changed my perception, and I slowly came to realise that every body is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. Shiatsu is influenced in no small part by traditional Chinese Medicine and stresses that everyone has a unique constitution, so treatment must take this into account.

I have dabbled in a few other complementary therapies, but find that shiatsu gives me a perfect framework in which to explore the subtle connections between the body, mind and spirit without having to become too mystical.

I find shiatsu (similar to tai chi) is all about "listening" to the recipient's body and responding, allowing that to dictate the pace and quality of treatment according to the unique needs of the body at that moment in time.

Studying shiatsu has also inspired me to further my knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine and I am now studying acupuncture.


Dinah After developing wandering, variable pains in my shoulders, arms and hands due in part to repetitive strain injury from typing at work, I tried many different approaches and therapies to alleviate the pain without using medication to mask it. One day, I noticed a leaflet mentioning shiatsu at my yoga class, and after a few very enjoyable sessions my pain had greatly decreased. This was a result, but little did I suspect how receiving shiatsu would change the way I felt in many other ways too. For example, I used to feel a kind of unfocused, low-level anger a lot of the time, which gradually ebbed away.

A few years later I wanted to re-train for a different career, and chose to become a shiatsu practitioner! The three years of the course kickstarted another period of personal growth as I developed my techniques and energetic connection. Along the way I was able to make some tough decisions about the way my life was going.

Now, my shiatsu practice hardly seems like work to me, it's so rewarding. I find that I seem to have an affinity with clients whose reasons for coming to shiatsu are similar to mine...but shiatsu is very versatile and just seems to help you move in whatever direction you need, at whatever stage you may be at.